Alerts 911 “Stuck In a Tight Spot”

A New York University undergraduate student who had been missing for more than a day was found trapped alive in a crawl space between a dormitory and a parking garage Sunday evening.

Asher Vongtau, 19, was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he was listed as being in stable condition.University officials told that Vongtau was initially reported missing by friends shortly before midnight Saturday, approximately 18 hours after he had last been seen. On Sunday afternoon, a university public safety officer found the student in the crawl space next to Lafayette Hall after hearing the sound of moaning. “Right now we don’t know how he got in the shaft but he was there a minimum of a day, could have been longer,” FDNY Deputy Chief Joseph Schiralli.


In order to reach Vongtau, firefighters had to break through one of the parking garage’s cinder-block walls. During the 90 minutes it took to free him, responders also provided him with oxygen and IV fluids. 

The New York Times reported that Vongtau, a native of Nigeria, was last seen early Saturday morning inside Lafayette Hall, where he does not live, after a fire alarm had sounded. A friend of Vongtau’s told the paper that he had not seen Vongtau leave the building with other residents after the alarm went off. 

However, neither university officials nor emergency responders could say how Vongtau had ended up in the cramped space, estimated to be less than two feet wide.

Alerts 911 GPS Watch Solution

Unexpected events happen everyday as Asher Vongtau, 19 from Nigeria found out for himself, stuck in a 2 feet wide crawl space for a day.

With the Alerts 911 GPS Watch/Phone Asher would have been able to notify a friend, family member, or 911 emergency Response center immediately and 18-24 hrs. later.  With Alerts 911 GPS Watch incidents like Asher’s would be resolved in a matter of minutes. The GPS Watch uses real-time tracking capabilities having the ability to record every step we make. Because real-time GPS tracking systems can allow family members or potential rescuers the ability to efficiently access a lost person’s location; many students, seniors, and teachers are now taking action and not potentially risking their lives. They are unprepared or qualified to take because of a perception that nothing bad can happen to them as long as they have a real-time GPS tracking system.

Real-Time GPS Tracking Systems

A real-time GPS Watch can send an individuals GPS coordinates or location to search and rescue personnel if an emergency were ever to occur. The Alerts 911 GPS Watch has the ability to call 4 Guardian phone numbers programmed by user or parent/guardian.  The tracking system data can be examined by a software program or over the Internet or by tapping your Alerts 911 GPS Watch Application on your smart phone. 

Capabilities of Alerts 911 GPS Watch


  • Locate via computer or smart phonealerts 911,GPS,monitoring,systems,teens,colleges,elderly,kids,students,teachers,parents
  • SOS Button to be immediately notified if your child needs help. If the first pre-set number does not answer the device will automatically call the second pre-set number and send GPS location.
  • Zone Alerts/Geo Fencing to receive alerts when your child enters or exits home, school or anywhere you designate.
  • 2 way voice communication to speak to your child
  • Assistant Function for remote monitoring. Send text “JT” to the watch phone and it will automatically call back the parent(s) phone for remote monitoring allowing you to clearly hear the surroundings of your child.
  • Bluetooth Assistant Function. Connect the watch phone to your mobile phone with Bluetooth and get alerts when the devices are separated by 10 meters.
  • MP3 Player
  • Low Battery Alert


  • GPS Type: A-GPS
  • Up to 6 GPS locations way points preset
  • Up to 4 Guardian phone numbers
  • Auto SMS message sent to guardian numbers when watch enters/leaves waypoint locations
  • On demand GPS location when queried by guardian SMS message
  • GPS information sent when SOS triggered + guardian pickup.

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