Alzheimer GPS Watch Monitoring

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Caring for an individual with Alzheimer’s disease is never easy; in fact it can be a very stressful situation to a caregiver. Memory loss, dementia and wandering are some of the debilitating side effects of this disease. Studies have shown 6 in 10 people with dementia will wander. A patient wandering off, lost and confused is a situation that would cause anxiety to even the most seasoned caregiver. A patient might find themselves in an undesirable situation, lost unable to find their way home. With the EMT GPS Watch monitoring system, caregivers can easily track their patients so that they know, where they are and where they have been.

That is why at Alerts 911 we are thrilled to be able to offer the EMT GPS Watch tracking system to the caregivers, families, loved ones, friends and neighbors of Alzheimer’s patients. GPS Watches are a very cost-effective, customizable, GPS tracking and reporting system specifically designed for medical and senior care facilities, where patient wandering is a real concern.

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EMT GPS Watch Features and Benefits:

Located on the GPS watch is an “SOS” button with voice monitoring. It gives the caregiver the ability to “listen-in” to surrounding sounds while it simultaneously sends instant text and email alerts with location information to a pre-selected group of recipients. “Safe” zones also known as Geo-fencing, alert you when the person you are monitoring has wandered outside of installed parameters.

  • Integrated SOS emergency alarm buttonalerts911,EMTGPSWatch,monitoring,panic,emergency,children,parents,concerned
  • 24/7 EMT monitoring
  • GPS satellite location
  • Battery charge status
  • Real-time tracking
  • GPS On-Star technology
  • Small, lightweight and waterproof
  • Audible notifications when triggered
  • Wearable as watch, necklace or on a belt clip
  • Audible notifications when triggered
  • Digital display with date and time
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
  • Network signal strength
  • Extra battery
  • Simple cradle charging
Your Adult Care Facility Can Track Multiple Patients:

If you are running a commercial care facility, multiple accounts can be monitored by a single computer or web-enabled cell phone. At any time, users can access a visual trace of the visited location(s) of those being monitored. EMT GPS Watch effectively eliminates worry and work for family members, adult care facilities and hospitals.With this customizable GPS, safety alerting, tracking and reporting system for adults, the possibilities are endless. Perhaps the best part however, is the amazing affordability.

Helping individuals gain their independence one at a time!

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