Child Safety – Have Confidence Not Paranoia

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As parents we have heard the horror stories about children being abducted. Parents there are some important things to remember:


  • Don’t be overly paranoid or fearful, that leads your child to also become overly concerned and spooked. Speak confidently and openly about child safety and make sure that your child knows the basic rules.
  • Always let you know where they are at all times.
  • Stay with other children and in groups.
  • Know who they can go to for help. (Police, people in uniforms, and businesses)
  • Don’t talk to strangers no matter how nice they may seem.


Trust your instincts, go with your gut feeling awareness. Moms automatically come with a very sophisticated GPS Radar and antenna for being alerted to danger, lies, and situations that may not be the best for their children. (Remember how your mom had eyes in the back of her head.) Trust your feelings. Act on them. If you feel you should phone your child, do it. If you don’t think they should stay after school today or play with that particular friend, follow those feelings. They will be right most of the time. Always trust your first gut feeling if something doesn’t seem right then more than likely it isn’t. Just like they say in grade school “always go with your first answer, and don’t change it.”


Do the things that make you feel confident. Know who your child’s friends are, invite them and their families over for a cook-out. Set-up rules and make sure your child obeys them. Get them a cell phone or even better a GPS Watch/Phone, child tracking device so you can know where your child is all times. How confident you feel will be reflected in your child’s behavior and how they feel about being safe and secure.



Talk with your child about school, friends, and what they are doing. If there is open communication then you will know if something is not right and can take steps to fix the problem. Being a parent is one of the most challenging and rewarding thing you can do. But it should also be enjoyable. Be pro-active with child safety so you can enjoy your children’s growing up years. This is the most miraculous time in their and your lives.

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