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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – the biggest technology exhibition of the year – is currently underway in Las Vegas. Among the companies present is Sharp, which has just released a video exploring the future possibilities of “IGZO”, a new semiconducting material that has already begun to appear in its products.

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IGZO stands for “Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide” and is used as the channel for a transparent thin-film transistor. It replaces amorphous silicon for the active layer of a LCD screen, and, with 40 times higher electron mobility than amorphous silicon, allows either smaller pixels (for screen resolutions higher than HDTV), or much higher reaction speeds for a screen. It is ultra-responsive to touch, drastically minimising the noise caused during touch input. This allows for quick, easy and more natural-feeling writing and smooth lines. It is also far more energy-efficient, maintaining onscreen data for a period of time without refreshing the data, even when the current is off.

Sharp is the first company to successfully mass produce IGZO. 

Toshi Osawa, the CEO and Chairman of Sharp: “Whether in your home or in your hand, display technology is everywhere. From game changing IGZO, to stunning Ultra HD products, and large screen televisions, the introductions we are making at CES will advance people’s lives at home, work and everywhere in between.”

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