GPS Tracking for Children

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As a parent have you ever found yourself sitting in the middle of your work day and wonder if your child reached home safely? Or while grocery shopping you called home umpteen times to check on your child to make sure they are safe and sound?

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How does a technology that was previously reserved only for military use coming to your rescue sound? Child GPS tracking devices promise to take away your worries and provide assurance and security as the GPS devices will allow you track the position of your child at any point in real-time. With technology re-inventing itself, Child GPS tracking devices are becoming smaller, more accurate, and more economical for all parents. GPS tracking systems are easily compatible with almost any cell phone on the market today, if you can download apps on your phone then you can easily open a GPS application synced to your son/daughters GPS Watch and see exactly where they are in real-time, how far they are from you (minutes, hours, miles, feet, inches), and always knowing they are safe and sound just by looking at your cell phone.

How Do Child GPS Tracking Systems Work?

A child GPS tracking device receives signals from orbiting GPS satellites that calculate detailed information such as location, speed, and time. The tracking system data can then be transmitted using a GSM network to a GSM tower, making the GPS data accessible over the Internet or software-based application.

Child GPS tracking systems can come in the form of a simple Wrist Watch, a Pendant Necklace, or covert GPS trackers equipped with belt clips.

Child GPS Tracking Watches

Wrist watches with GPS tracking capabilities are becoming more popular because they are easily attached to a child and are not annoying to wear. Although some of the devices on the market may be a bit big for a child’s wrist, the majority are child-friendly and easy to wear. Having a GPS tracking system attached to your child’s wrist at all times may not lower the risk of your child being lost, but what it will do is increase recovery time and give parents peace of mind. Many companies are making GPS Watches that are very stylish and up to date with today’s trend such as Alerts 911 GPS Watch customized the way you want with many colors to choose from.

Some of Alerts 911 customized options include the following:Kids GPS Watch Phone

  • Integrated SOS emergency alarm button
  • GPS satellite location
  • Battery charge status
  • Real-time tracking
  • GPS OnStar technology
  • Small, lightweight and waterproof
  • Audible notifications when triggered
  • Digital display with date and time
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
  • Network signal strength
  • Extra battery
  • Simple cradle charging

Covert Child GPS Tracking

Covert tracking can be a convenient option to keep track of your child as the device can be hidden. Covert child GPS tracking devices can be attached to clothing, necklace, shoes, bags or toys and are also available in variants that have them built-in. Many parents have been using tracking systems such as the GPS Watch Phone, a small and portable child GPS tracking device that can easily be carried or worn by a child, since the GPS system is efficient, small, and does not bother a child.

Child GPS Tracking Phones

Phones with tracking features are another option for parents and are usually enjoyed by children as owning a mobile phone is something that many children feel is cool. Child GPS tracking phones give parents the ability to talk directly with a child in case they are late coming home, and allows parents to view their location. However, these phones give parents a false sense of greater power and relief as the cellular phone tracking technology is nowhere near as accurate as a standard portable tracking system.

Parents need to be cautious when relying on cell phone GPS tracking.

Why You Need A Child GPS Tracking System

The answer is simple and obvious but we would still like to implement the benefits to get rid of any doubts:

  • Safety is the first and foremost reason as to why Child GPS tracking systems are becoming a necessity. With increasing crime rates, a simple walk to school or the park can have disastrous consequences.
  • Knowing your child’s exact location and how far away from home they are can be vital information.
  • Child GPS tracking systems can give parents who have children with behavioral issues or health disorders an easy way to monitor their troubled or sick kids.
  • Tracking system technology can help in child management at home or at work, reducing stress manifold.
  • A child GPS tracking system may not relieve all your worries as a parent, but it will give you the ability to always know where your child is!

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