GPS Tracking Sexual Offenders and Criminals

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GPS Monitoring to Keep Our Streets Safe:

After being convicted of the rape of a 25 year-old girl and only serving 11 years in a federal prison, Phillip Garrido was set free. Although Garrido followed through with his mandatory check-ins with his parole officer, and in 2006 began wearing a GPS tracker, he was still able to kidnap, rape, and hold a young girl against her will for over 18 years. Clearly, the 58-year-old Garrido was able to successfully commit these vile crimes and evade capture for almost two decades.

  • What needs to be done to prevent sexual offenders from repeating crimes?
  • How could a parole officer not suspect Garrido was engaging in criminal activity again?
  • Are GPS tracking systems really preventing sexual offenders from repeating crimes?

The Failure by Parole Officers:

Although the most popular question being asked is if GPS tracking systems are an effective solution to prevent future sexual offenses, the important question is how was Garrido able to continue raping and holding a young woman captive when he was being monitored by authorities? The answer appears to be failure of competency from the parole board and parole officers assigned to ensure Garrido was not engaging in criminal behavior, not GPS tracking system technology.

How could a man such as Garrido be released from prison when it appears obvious he was still suffering from severe mental illness and was not ready to be released back into society? And why is it that none of Garrido’s parole officers ever visited his residence to inspect his surroundings and living situation? If a parole officer visited Garrido’s residence just one time they would have seen the compound style housing and the young girl being held captive against her will. The red flags were present and should have been identified by the trained authorities. Some form of surveillance was needed and was neglected.

Parole Officer tours Garrido’s house:

GPS Tracking Devices:

Another preventative measure law enforcement use to monitor sexual offenders on parole is GPS tracking systems. Garrido was actually equipped with a GPS monitoring device in 2006 so authorities could get notification if he ever traveled around or passed by elementary schools or other places considered “off limits”. Unfortunately, when Garrido began wearing the GPS tracker he had already kidnapped a young girl and was still holding her captive, assaulting her sexually.  Although GPS technology was unable to help her it may have prevented Garrido from kidnapping anyone else.

Real-Time Tracking:

Real-time GPS Tracking devices are used in the form of anklets to monitor sex offenders and other criminals. The GPS tracking systems allow officers to view everywhere a criminal goes and everywhere they have been to validate that they are not frequenting high-risk environments.

In today’s market Alerts 911 GPS Tracking Devices can put a stop to this disgusting criminal behavior (sex offenders), by offering a customized GPS Tracking System that can be specifically made for Criminals.

Alerts 911 GPS Tracking System Specs to Stop the Criminal:

  • Zone Alerts/Geo Fencing to receive alerts when Criminal enters or exits red zones, school or anywhere you designate.
  • Real-Time GPS- Can watch criminal in street view (walking down a sidewalk)
  • Automated push notifications sent to phone when Criminal is in motion
  • Automated 911 call to Emergency Response Center when Criminal enters or exits Red Zones
  • We See You!!

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