Health Care GPS Watch/Phone Tracking

Over the last decade or so, healthcare as an industry has grown phenomenally in terms of medical advancement and in the adoption of technology. GPS tracking is one such technology that has found great resonance in health care and is being rapidly adopted by the industry for its multifarious benefits. From improving patient care to monitoring patient movement, tracking of medical equipment, field force tracking and home health care. GPS tracking is significantly helping with time and cost associated with the administration and management of health care professionals.

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GPS Watch/Phone Tracking Device:

Convenient GPS Watches for patients with cognitive disorders provides family members/caregivers with better monitoring abilities. The family member/caregiver can designate geo-fenced areas and if the patient moves out of these designated areas, the family member / caregiver receives alerts via SMS, e-mail, phone call to their pre-designated handheld device. The location of the weather is also communicated. The family member/caregiver can then act accordingly.

Home Health are Tracking:

There are a lot of elderly patients who require regular home visits by nurses and other medical professionals. Hospitals and clinics that provide home health care facility can greatly benefit from GPS Watch/Phone tracking devices. The GPS tracking devices enable the date, time and duration of the home visit. The nurses or the other healthcare professional can also keeps a record of the patient’s health and the services rendered.  This ensures billing accuracy and patient satisfaction. It also enables hospitals to maximize the productivity of their professional resources.

Users Of GPS Tracking Systems Include:

  1. Families Who Have A Parent With Alzheimer’s or Dementia Disease.
  2. Persons with Disability
  3. Health Care Professionals
  4. Businesses Wanting To Document Mileage Driven By Employees.
  5. Police Needing To Monitor A Potential Criminal.
  6. Parents Who Have A Young Teenage Driver.
  7. Government Agencies Tracking Possible Threats To National Security.
  8. People Who Believe a Partner May Be Unfaithful.
  9. Companies Trying To Improve Fleet Management And Routing.

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User Dashboard:

The User Dashboard puts you in complete control of your GPS Watch/Phone enabled services. It allows you to view and monitor all devices on a single screen. It also enables you to generate customized reports, analytics, set alerts and schedule & allocate tasks, thereby improving efficiency and resulting better management.

Users Dashboard can be accessed from any internet-enabled device, anywhere, anytime by logging into our dedicated online portal with your ID and password.

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