Alerts 911 and Medical Monitoring Systems:

Alerts 911 personal Emergency Response Systems has been complimented by the service provided by our staff. The heart and soul of the Alerts 911 operations is, without question, the Emergency Response Center.  The staff is placed in a highly focused training program. Strict supervision fine tunes the training for an additional examinations before any staff sits independently at a console to process an alarm.


Today Alerts 911 continues to grow and develop in serving the expanding needs of the emergency communication market. As a result, Alerts 911 provides the most comprehensive and advanced Medical Alert System available on the market today. Functional design, ease of use, value added features and services, and an intense focus on the needs of the users continue to contribute to the success of Alerts 911 today. Alerts 911 specializes in medical alert monitoring of Personal Emergency Response Systems for School Security Services, Live-at-Home-Seniors and Individuals with Special Needs.alerts911,medical,systems,personal,seniors,children,elderly,schools,monitoring,senior,living

For the last two decades Alerts 911 has provided the Medical Alert Industry with the most advanced monitoring service and technology.  The cornerstone of our service offering is our fully certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who handle every alarm 24/7 in our Alerts 911 Response Center.  Complementing our industry exclusive EMT monitored response center, are the products we manufacture and develop.  The sleek and stylish MXD System is at the forefront of the industry by providing peace of mind our customers deserve without sacrificing quality of life.  We will continue to strive to facilitate the unsurpassed standard of comparison and to be recognized as a company of dedication, honesty, integrity and service.

The Response Center Provides Medical Alert Monitoring:

Alerts 911 operates a dependable, state-of-the-art, monitoring center that prides itself in offering fast, friendly, and flexible help. The Emergency Response Center has been designed for maximum flexibility, allowing the subscriber to tailor usage to his/her particular needs. With programs and services like Language Line and qualified candidates, Alerts 911 proves to render the most efficient service available in the medical alarm industry.

  • Highly Trained Dispatchers (Certified EMT Responders)
  • Fast Response Time
  • Language Services

Designed specifically for Medical Alarm Monitoring:

Thanks to the experience and technology engineered into the Alerts 911 Response Center and the Emergency Medical Alert Units, by our engineering team, Alerts 911 is able to provide the highest standard of Medical Alert Monitoring service.

Our research and development team has designed comprehensive software and equipment tailored for medical alarm monitoring – The Alerts 911 Response Center was designed specifically to monitor the Alerts 911 Products, and in conjunction, the Alerts 911 products were designed to be monitored by the Response Center. This customized engineering is the key to the improved speed, reliability, and accuracy experienced by Alerts 911 subscribers.

Our Flexible and Customized Medical Alert Monitoring for you:

  • Response Center, is fully redundant and compliant with UL requirements
  • Alerts 911 provides 24-hour personal protection for individuals in their homes, independent living facilities, or go anywhere you want with our iHelp Mobile, which you can take with you anywhere you want.
  • fully capable of monitoring two-way voice alarms
  • medical alarm systems are also designed to allow attendants to communicate with subscribers in their own language
  • translation for over 150 different languages, language is not a barrier.






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