Here at Alerts 911 we want to reach out to everyone in need of our Personal Emergency Response Systems. We want to help our loved ones with education, safety, independence and freedom they deserve with peace of mind again knowing help is at a push of a button. Alerts 911 wants to make our environment a secure place to be, whether it be at home, the grocery store, at school, or at work.

Who Needs It?

Many elderly adults who live alone fear being disabled from a slip and fall in their own homes, that may cause them serious bodily injuries disabling them from using a phone to call for help.  Alerts 911 awareness of the situation has answers for our seniors, which enables them back their independence and freedom in the likelihood of their own home with our Personal Emergency Response Systems customized to fit your needs, and that’s not all. Alerts 911 also carries Med Dispensers (pill organizer), iHelp Mobile (fall prevention), and our GPS Watch for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia.


Your Child’s Personal GPS Watch Locator:

Alerts 911 GPS Watch Phone, a world leader in child tracking and family safety, has developed the ultimate child safety device – our Alerts 911 GPS Watch/Phone. It’s small, has fashion, easy to conceal and you have the ability to know where your child or loved one is, at all times. 

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Please contact us today with any questions or concerns:


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