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The MXD is a simple easy to use Medical Alert System. There are three parts to the Emergency Response System: 1. Alarm button, 2. Base station, and 3. Response center. The alarm button is available as a bracelet or necklace, and should be worn at all times. The MXD is designed to be more cost-effective to own, monitor and service than any other unit in the industry. The MXD is compatible with all telephones formats (including VoIP and cellular terminals). In the event of an emergency, the user presses the alarm button and is instantly connected to the Response Center staffed 24/7 by certified Emergency Medical Technicians. The EMTs stay in constant contact with the user, assessing the situation, and dispatch emergency personnel as necessary to get the user the help they need. 

alerts911,mxd system,monitoring, seniors,elderly,medicaid Download MXD System Info.>

alerts911,mxd system,monitoring, seniors,elderly,medicaid  Download MXD Installation Manual>

  • Designed to communicate in all formats into any central station
  • Compatible with VoIP- even Magic Jack!
  • Compatible with cable telephone systems
  • Compatible with GSM cell terminals
  • Compatible with CDMA cell terminals (Verizon Home Connect)
  • The base unit back-up battery provides power for up to 80 hrs.
  • Monitored PHB’s
  • Typically 5-7 years before base unit battery replacement

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