Med Dispenser

Med Dispenser:

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Manage medication intake with Alerts 911 Medication Dispenser and Reminder System. The Med-Ready Contains 28 slots in which to place medication, and can be programmed to dispense up to four times a day enabling it to manage doses for at least seven days, and up to 28 days before needing a refill. Alerts 911 can provide a Med-Ready to be used as a standalone unit – or in conjunction with the MXD medical alert system, as a monitored system. 

  • Timed-alarm system provides next dosage automatically
  • Operates by easy-to-use microchip technology
  • Stores medication under lock and key
  • Holds up to 7 days of 4 times a day dosing
  • Costs less than similar devices 

Stand Alone:

  • Load the medication into the slots.
  • Program the Med-Ready by setting dispensing times to remind you to take your medication.
  • When it is time, the dispenser beeps until you have taken your medication.
  • A lock in the lid will prevent overdosing, and tampering with medication.
  • A convenient clock on top of the unit is easily read.
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Price $169.95 $895 $249 $799
Readable Clock Yes, Readable LED No No  No
Rechargeable Backup Battery Yes NiMH No No No
Prevents Double Dosing Yes No Yes Yes
Audible Alarm Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extra Trays Available  Yes Yes Yes N/A
Easy Filling Procedure Yes No Yes Yes
Online Support Yes No  No Yes
Pill Privacy Cover Yes No  No Yes
Battery Saver AC Power Adaptor  Yes Yes Yes No
Anti-Pill Jam Design Yes No Yes Yes
Remote Monitoring and Programming Yes No  No Yes

Monitored System Package:

The monitored system package includes a medication dispenser and an MXD. In addition to the stand alone functionality, the monitored system works in conjunction with the medical alarm. This partnership enables the Response Center to go to extra efforts to remind the subscriber to take their medication. A special transmitter is installed in the Medication Dispenser that will activate the MXD Emergency Response System if the medication has not been taken within 30 minutes of the alarm sounding. At that time, the MXD will call into the Response Center. An attendant will try to contact the subscriber over the Personal Emergency Response System or telephone. If the attendant is unable to make contact, a Responder will be notified.

MXD System:

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As the MXD and the Alerts 911 Response Center work together, they create the dependable Alerts 911 service that customers expect. The MXD has been engineered specifically for medical emergency monitoring. The MXD Medical Alerts System is more than just a microphone and speaker. The computer inside the unit is able to perform self diagnostics – monitoring its own battery, the battery of the panic button, and the status of the telephone line.

The medical alert automatically tests itself and reports its status to the Response Center. The MXD System is easily configured to monitor a Medication Dispenser in your home. These amazing capabilities and more are what make the Alerts 911 Emergency Response System superior to our competitors.

Product Comparisons



Compatible with regular telephone connection YES YES
Compatible with VoIP and Cable telephone connections NO YES
Panic button range 600 ft 600 ft
Backup Battery Life 90 hours 60+ hours
Compatible with DSL Yes, with filter Yes, with filter
Automatic monthly testing Yes Yes
Automatic weekly test No Yes
Voice messages and prompts No Yes


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