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The MXD3G is the first cellular medical alarm in the industry to provide a 3G cellular connection. The MXD3G is state of the art equipment, designed by our engineers. As more homes get rid of their Pots lines and switch to other mediums of communication such as cell phone(s).

  • Voice Prompts in Two Languages
  • Monitored Personal Help Button (PHB)
  • More than 600 ft. PHB Rangealerts911,medicaid provider,elders,seniors,disabilities,assisted living,senior living,personal emergency response systems
  • 60+ Hours of Backup Battery
  • Over Discharge Battery Protection
  • Precise Battery Charging Algorithms
  • 3G AT&T Network
  • Superior Audio Quality
  • Unsurpassed Voice Range
  • Duplex & Simplex Voice Mode
  • Audible Cellular Strength Notification
  • Up to Two Medication Dispensers
  • Provisioned for Smoke & CO Detectors
  • Integrated Cellular No Attachments Necessary
  • FDA Registered
  • Operational in US and Canada


alerts911,mxd system,monitoring, seniors,elderly,medicaid Download MXD3G Info.>

alerts911,mxd system,monitoring, seniors,elderly,medicaid Download MXD3G Installation Manual>