What makes Alerts 911 better than other medical alert systems? Our customers say it’s because of our reliability, features, and prices. Our Medical Alarms have advanced features including an extended panic button range, daily battery monitoring, and extreme microphone sensitivity.  Alerts 911 Out-performs other Personal Emergency Medical Alarm Systems.

What Separates Alerts 911 From the Others?

We offer reliability of service and customized features at a price that our competitors can’t beat. With that much experience under our belts it’s easy to see why our customers say that we provide a high quality product accompanied by a professional service team needed in a Medical Alarm System. 

Hear and Be Heard:

In an emergency situation, the performance of your medical alert’s speaker and microphone can mean the difference between life and death. Alerts 911 engineers have designed a microphone/speaker pair that targets the best technology for increasing voice range and sound clarity. During an emergency, Alerts 911 personal emergency response system uses its simplex communication mode, which greatly increases the coverage and range of clear communication. 

The microphone in the Alerts 911 medical alarm is so sensitive it can pick up voices around corners and in other rooms of the house. Wherever the subscriber may be when an accident occurs, pressing their medical panic button will connect them to help immediately. 

Alerts 911 has the largest help button range in the industry, ranging anywhere from 750 to 1000 feet depending on location. Features like the panic button range, battery monitoring, and microphone sensitivity provide usability, and increase the reliability of our system. Our design and engineering team customized the features of the Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) to your needs.

 Capabilities  Alerts 911  Lifeline Systems 
Panic Button Range  750 ft – 1000 ft 600 ft
EMT Certified Attendants  Yes No
Mfg. and Monitors own Equip.             Yes                               Yes
Backup Battery Life 60+ hrs 24 hrs
GPS Tracking Device Yes No
Yrs. in Medical Alarm Biz.  20+ yrs 32 yrs
Monthly Rental  $27.95 $40-$50
Annual Rental $24.95 Not Available
Network (Wireless) Yes No
Purchase Option  $19.99 Not Offered
Set up/Activation Fee  Free $60/$90
30-Day Risk Free Guarantee Yes No
Automatic Daily Testing Yes No
Battery Monitoring Yes Yes
Avg. Response Time  25 sec Under a Minute
Primary Business Function  Medical Alert Co. Medical Alert Co.        
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