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Tracking systems have been used extensively over the past ten years for a number of different uses and one of those is personal monitoring. The reason is because there are a great number of families who could benefit from having real-time access of assets or loved ones. This is why it was only a matter of time before manufacturers of GPS tracking systems eventually began to develop cost-effective monitoring hardware that could meet the needs of the everyday family. Everyday families seeking a tool to quickly locate their children in an emergency situation or for any other reason.

When a parent has their child wear a GPS watch that tracking watch/phone will constantly send out its location to a off-site computer server. This computer sever takes that positional data and displays it in a readable format over a maps program such as Google Earth. The mapping program, which is accessible through computer or smart phone, allows the parent to instantly see where their child is at. All of this happens in fractions of a second, giving the parent total oversight of their children all thanks in part to the help of satellite monitoring devices.

GPS Watch Features:


  • Locate via computer or smart phone
  • SOS Button to be immediately notified if your child needs help. If the first pre-set number does not answer the device will automatically call the second pre-set number and send GPS location.
  • Zone Alerts/Geo Fencing to receive alerts when your child enters or exits home, school or anywhere you designate.
  • 2 way voice communication to speak to your child
  • Assistant Function for remote monitoring. Send text “JT” to the watch phone and it will automatically call back the parent(s) phone for remote monitoring allowing you to clearly hear the surroundings of your child.
  • Bluetooth Assistant Function. Connect the watch phone to your mobile phone with Bluetooth and get alerts when the devices are separated by 10 meters.
  • MP3 Player
  • Low Battery Alert

kids gps watch phone


  • GPS Type: A-GPS
  • Up to 6 GPS locations waypoints preset
  • Up to 4 Guardian phone numbers
  • Auto SMS message sent to guardian numbers when watch enters/leaves waypoint locations
  • On demand GPS location when queried by guardian SMS message
  • GPS information sent when SOS triggered + guardian pickup.

“The two demographics that contact our online store regarding GPS watches are parents looking for a senior GPS device for their loved ones facing Alzheimer’s related issues and parents of children who have wandering tendencies”, a Alerts 911 representative explained. “The real-time GPS watches give parents of typical kids, special needs kids and overly hyperactive kids a simple and reliable method to ensure their safety.”

Costs Of GPS Watch/Phone For Kids:

For a quality monitoring device capable of meeting the needs of any parent, a GPS watch cost $99.95, first month service is free and no contract or cancellation fees. Parents should also be aware that real-time trackers require data plans, which basically means monthly service requirement. Standard real-time monitoring service is only $19.95/month.

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