MXD Emergency Response System

Alerts 911 systematic approach to Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) is unique; Alerts 911 utilizes its vast experience and knowledge gleaned from not only PERS, but also the monitoring software and hardware that is used to monitor PERS. In return, those who use the MXD can rest assured that the product has been designed with their best interest in mind. 

The MXD is the first traditional PERS (Emergency Response System) on the market to be completely VoIP compatible. When a customer switches from POTS to VoIP, the MXD simply makes the call when needed. As more homes get rid of their land lines and switch to the other mediums of communication, the MXD will continue to become more valuable.mxd systems, personal emergency response, safety, security, senior living, lifeline

The small footprint, voice prompts and messages, range test mode, reversed telephone connection reporting, and VoIP compatibility make the MXD the simplest PERS to install in the industry. The MXD is customer-friendly and can be programmed by the provider using either a telephone or easy to use GUI application.

The MXD is designed to be more cost-effective to own, monitor and service than any other unit in the industry.

The MXD is compatible with all telephones formats (including VoIP and cellular terminals). 

  • Designed to communicate in all formats into any central station
  • Compatible with VoIP- even Magic Jack!
  • Compatible with cable telephone systems
  • Compatible with GSM cell terminals
  • Compatible with CDMA cell terminals (Verizon Home Connect)
  • The base unit back-up battery provides power for up to 80 hrs.
  • Monitored PHB’s
  • Typically 5-7 years before base unit battery replacement
  • Typically 5 year PHB battery (Monitored Battery)
  • High quality simplex and duplex modes
  • Two-way speaker phone featured programmable
  • Smallest waterproof panic button in the industry
  • Panic button range of 600-1000 feet
  • Panic button Range test mode
  • Monitor Mode (facilitates more efficient troubleshooting with customers)
  • Voice messages and prompts


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