Workplace in 2020


In order to cut real estate costs, become more eco-friendly, and attract the growing number of people seeking work life balance, most companies by now have adopted a “work wherever you want, whenever you want” policy. An increasingly global talent pool is emerging, with firms aggressively pursuing the best available workers, regardless of where they reside. Recruitment has shifted away from traditional print adverts and online jobs boards, focusing instead on social networking sites.

Rising travel costs have also encouraged these trends. Many employees now work a four-day week, consisting of four 10-hour days, while telecommuting and teleconferencing have been further boosted by the growth of super fast broadband. This combination of technology and work options is leading to improved speed, productivity and efficiency in companies around the world.

Multi-touch surface computing is widespread, along with seamless integration of wireless devices and applications. Near-paperless offices are becoming a reality. CUSTOMER SERVICE at its best.


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